AnonTwi supports: anontwianontwi + Follow news at: @AnonTwiNews + AES + HMAC-SHA1 encryption on Tweets and Direct Messages --> [More Info] + Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to interact with API + Proxy Socks (for example, to connect to the TOR network) + Random HTTP header values + Send long messages splitted automatically + Automatic decryption of tweet's urls or raw inputs + Backup messages to your disk (max: 3200) + Send fake geolocation places + Remove data and close account (suicide) + View global Trending Topics + UTF-8 + Unicode support (chinese, arabic, symbols, etc) + Multiplatform: GNU/Linux, MacOS, Win32 + Detailed colourful output results + Generate tools and modules + GTK + WebGUI interfaces + An IRC bot slave And many other features than you can see detailed here hg clone anontwi-code | Last: AnonTwi v1.0 | All: Sources